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The rain forest occurs in three regions on earth: in America, in Africa and the Indo-Malay region.
In the case of American copper understood the Atlantic to Brazil, going south to the  river the "La Plata"  basin.
The Indo-Malaysian forest is less continuous due to the aggression coming millennial suffering, comprising the coast of Indochina and the northern coast of Australia, the Philippines, New Guinea and Borneo, among others.
Of the three, the smallest area is the African rain forest, which includes Liberia, the Gulf of Guinea, and especially the region of the Congo River Basin.
Adding up all these areas have about 17 million square kilometers of tropical rainforest , this means that 20% of Earth's land is still reasonable with vegetation, despite the attempts of humans to destroy them.
This biome is composed of large amounts of plants and animal species, although the soil is very poor and this poverty is because there is a layer of sand to facilitate rapid infiltration of water, but there is the decomposition of organic matter (leaves, feces and remains of living things) provided by the shade, heat and moisture, forming a layer about 50 cm of humus. The average annual temperature is always around 20 ° C, annual rainfall about 1200 mm, its location is in the middle range between the tropics, hence the name of the rainforest.
One of the main features of the rainforest is the plant and animal biodiversity. Around 60% of all species on Earth are found in this ecosystem.

Atlantic Forest
Amazon forest, in ten thousand square meters found about 100 species of trees besides vines and epiphytes. The average height of trees is around 55 meters, the number of species of insects and animals is still unknown.
In case of deforestation, the loss is immense, because biodiversity is located, and so variable that, when making a fire, may be destroyed species that were never known or cataloged. The Atlantic Forest is a rainforest full associated coastal mangrove ecosystem in the bays, mouths of large rivers, bays and lagoons

Flora: They are closed and heterogeneous. In these trees appear large and medium-sized as bromeliads, begonias, orchids, vines, mosses, Brazil wood, rosewood, mahogany, pink jequitibá.

Animals: Golden Lion. Tamarin, jaguar, sloth, capybara.

Climate: Average annual temperature is always around 20 ° C, annual rainfall about 1200 mm

Human Occupancy: The use of plants to produce medicines, raw materials for production of garments, dyes, essences, perfumes, raw materials for the food industry or the felling of trees done incorrectly, causing difficulties in the tropical rainforest  biome

Environmental Impacts: They cause the extinction of some species of wild fauna and flora, reduce the region of this biome and occupation are also favorable by climate changes.


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