Thursday, January 13, 2011


Renowned for attracting tourists from around the world, Ibiza is home to famous nightclubs, such as the Space, Pacha, Privilege, Amnesia, Ibiza, DC10, El Divino, Café del Mar, and Es Paradis. visited only the first four. "Before leaving, we heard several stories about the 'absurd' that occur there, like scantily clad women on beaches and in nightclubs, but found nothing unusual.

We love:

Ibiza Beach Benirras: This is a fantastic beach with 160 meters in the north. To get there, we have to go through San Miguel.
The sand is golden and there are cliffs with small pine trees. It is interesting to go there with fins and Dive Masks . The small huts that fishermen use to store their boats and fishing gear are on the right side of the beach are very curious.

Ibiza Spain Portinatx beach

Portinatx beach: This beach is one of my favorite Ibiza. Still I am not a resident of Ibiza, this is the beach every summer I go to (although there are other more famous, but this is my favorite).
I find myself always with people who ask what beach to go, and I say without doubt that the Portinatx beach is quiet and beautiful. He liked to say that it is an ideal beach for the whole year, I'm going to walk all day in the morning.

San Carlos is the famous hippie town of Ibiza. A small village of Cala San Vicente and Santa Eulalia known for its community of artists. The summer is filled with tourists and full of life this is where are all the people who frequent the beaches Figueral, Cala Mastella and Cala Llenya.
Ibiza map
Until recently there was only one street full of houses, but has been growing. The village that was once only for hippies, now is full of projects that, despite everything, bring life and money to the site. Basically ... They are all happy with the situation and environment is of great a party!

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